Veldhoven 2022 World Boccia Challenger

Thrown balls
In the run-up to the European Para Championships 2023 in Rotterdam, we were privileged to organise this Boccia Challenger. From 1 to 6 August, this challenger was organised in Veldhoven, where participants competed for medals in the categories BC1 to BC4.

Top sport

For the first time, a Boccia Challenger was organised at this level. An event where the sport took centre stage and it was actually showcased as top sport, including livestream from 2 match courts.

Combined location

For this particular event, a combined location was chosen: the location included both the competition venue, hospitality and overnight accommodation. Previously, it was common to have a separate venue for overnight stays and a separate one for the competition. Because it was combined at this version, athletes had more peace of mind to prepare. No extra drives to the hotel, but the possibility to retreat to the room in between.

Media attention

In previous editions or competitions of Boccia, there was often little media coverage. During this edition, there was increasing coverage of the event; from national radio, regional newspaper to an online national report.

Gold for the Netherlands

The Dutch team managed to live up to expectations in several areas. Daniël Perez took gold in the BC1 category and then managed to take gold in BC1/2 Teams together with Chantal van Engelen and Bernd Meints.

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