Team TOC

Happy people,
great work
Happy people,
great work

We are a team of sports and event enthusiasts who share a common passion for creating top-tier events. Within our team, each member is regarded as equal, and we all contribute our unique strengths to every project. We pride ourselves on embodying ‘Brabants’ professionalism, striving to deliver excellence in everything we do.

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Together with our clients, we look at what constitutes success for them and how we can achieve it together.

How we work
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Founding year

In 1998, Eric Kersten started eventagency The Organizing Connection. With this, he focused on developing and executing sports events. During these 25 years, he gained a lot of experience and passed it on to the team. In 2019, The Organizing Connection morphed into the current Team TOC, which is exactly what the letters TOC stand for! In 2020, Eric and Marcel joined forces to further develop Team TOC and organise great projects.

Team work makes the dream work

A bit corky perhaps, but certainly true. Together we aim for success. We know how to bring every event to a top performance and bring out the best in each other! And this does not happen by the hard work of 1, but by the cooperation of the whole team.

Portret Marcel 2

Marcel van de Goor

Operational Director
Portret Osin

Osin Peltenburg

Senior Communication Manager
Portret Rianne 3

Rianne Swinkels

Finance Manager
Portret Carlijn 2

Carlijn Martens

Office/Project Manager
Portret Willem

Willem Gallé

Project Manager
Portret Wouter 2

Wouter Hamilton

Senior Project Manager
Portret Eric 2

Eric Kersten

General Director & Founder
Portret Nabor

Nabor Dupont

Freelance Project Manager
Portret Anniek 2

Anniek Rijpstra

Communication Manager